Brexit: Meeting the Temporary Housing
Supply and Demand Challenges

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Many organisations are currently reviewing their relocation programmes to see how Brexit will impact them. The goal of this pulse survey is to explore how mobility practitioners are approaching temporary housing policies in the lead up to Brexit, top anticipated European destinations and assignment volumes for 2019, and the challenges organizations are experiencing in these locations.

The findings of this pulse survey will be presented during a Brexit webinar that Cartus will be hosting in early 2019 focusing on the topic of temporary housing.

Due to the potential impact of Brexit, how have your mobility policies been updated? {Choose one}
Please provide more details on any changes to your mobility policies due to the potential impact of Brexit.
Do you plan on holding any Brexit policy group briefings or orientations for your relocating employees? {Choose one}
In 2019, how will the size of your assignee population change due to Brexit? {Choose one}
How will your moves that aren’t driven by Brexit be impacted by your Brexit relocation priorities? {Choose one}
Based on the possibility of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, how do you anticipate your overall relocation volumes will be impacted in the future? {Choose one}
Please select up to five of your anticipated top relocation destinations in Europe in 2019.

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